Video tracking animation

Video Tracking
3D building

"Mounsey Street" is a project made for the company "FOXX Advertising and Design" located in Canada. The proposal of the project was to represent the 3D model of the condominium in a serie of videos, filmed with a drone in the location where the building will be constructed.

The main focus of the animation was to determine where the new building will obstruct or not the view in the surrounding areas. The built building will be close to tall trees, which have the same height.

To achieve the goal, we had to use a technique called "Video tracking" with the videos created from the drone. We used the software called Boujou to do that. Boujou automaticly creates tracking points to track the position of the camera. Once we get the movement of the camera we can integrate it with the 3D model done ins 3D Studio Max.