Month: March 2024

3D Camera Tracking

Matchmoving, also known as 3D camera tracking and compositing, involves analyzing video sequences to extract camera motion and 3D scene data. This process enables the correct compositing of 3D elements onto 2D footage. Architects and designers leverage 3D camera tracking to provide clients with realistic visualizations of their projects within real-world environments.


Architects, designers, and clients can explore and experience architectural spaces before they are built, providing a more immersive and interactive way to visualize projects. Real-time architectural visualization applications provide a transformative way to present and experience architectural designs, contributing to more informed decision-making and enhanced communication in the design and construction process.

Interactive House made with Unreal Engine 5.3 – Lumen

Immersive experiences

Real-time architecture enables users to interact with virtual environments in a way that feels natural and immersive.

Increased efficiency

Quick and iterative design changes, allowing for better decision-making and refinement of the architectural elements.

Adaptive and flexible

Real-time architecture allows for adaptive and flexible designs that can be easily modified to meet changing needs or design requirement.

Customize furniture
Change lighting
Change materials
Aerial navigation


Virtual House

Project highlighted by the 80.lv Community for the 3D Metasites platform.


Library of Congress

Digital recreation of the Library of Congress, crafted with the cutting-edge Unreal Engine. Bring to life the rich history and cultural significance of one of the world’s largest libraries, capturing its architectural grandeur and scholarly atmosphere.

Project highlighted by the 80.lv Community for the 3D Metasites platform.


3D Apartment

3D Office